Why Won't My Card Work On Doordash

Why Won't My Card Work On DoordashReason 9: Location Not Available. If you’re still having trouble with your password, reset it by clicking “Forgot your password” above the password box on the login screen. ago This has been happening to me!. Works everywhere else, including Skip the Dishes. Reason 5: Promo Code Not Valid. Card issued by Pathward N. Nine times out of ten, this is where the issue is going to be. Whether it’s the physical red card which is usually given when you are activated as a Dasher or the new virtual red card that can be used with Apple Pay or Google Pay. See full list on consumergravity. Confirmation: You will be able to see the total amount of DoorDash credits left If you are getting an "invalid card" message, please double check your card number and pin to make sure you are entering the correct card info. Make sure the image is not blurry. This works similarly to using Alt + Control + Delete on a PC to shut down a glitched-out program. There are several reasons why DoorDash might be declining your card.